Anonymous: You should check out Mystic Valley Hunt Club, Westbrook Hunt Club, and Fairfield County Hunt Club for photography opportunities.

Thanks! I’ve been to Fairfield, but never to Mystic Valley or Westbrook. I will check them both out. :D 

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New Followers, Next Thousand, Other Misc Information

1) Welcome new followers! Thanks for following. You rock. 

2) I’m less than 500 away from my next thousand. You all are amazing! Lets do something special when we get there. Shoot me an ask if you have any ideas. :D 

3) I need to get my behind to a horse show. I was bad and the queue ran out. I will go through my other pictures and hopefully get to one more show before the summer is out. Sadly, HITS is a touch too far away for a day trip and VSF is out of the question as it would be a long drive for just photos. 

Thanks for sticking with me. Love you all! xx 

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